January 2nd …Along the Riverbank at The Derngate
January 12th … Sunday Soft Play and Sensory Session @ The Boughton Centre 1-4pm
January 17th … Riverside Hub Private Hire 6.15 – 9pm
February 9th … Visit from Tony at Owls to Behold and Soft Play
March 9th … Mother’s Day Activity and Soft Play (sporting bears with classic cars tbc)
April 13th …Sunday Soft Play and Sensory Session @ The Boughton Centre 1-4pm
May 11th … Visit from Sally and The Reptiles and Caterpillar Bouncy Castle
May 28th....coach trip to Skeggy
May … Free Circus Tickets date tbc
June 8th … Father’s Day Activity and Soft Play
June 11th … KIDS OUT @ Wicksteed Park Trip with Rotary Club
July 13th … Summer Bouncy Castle and Picnic @ The Boughton Centre 12-4pm
July 26th… Rotary BBQ
Aug 4th....Picnic at Abington Park
Aug 10th … Visit to Delapre Minature Trains 12-4pm
Aug 14th...Thomley Activity Centre
Aug 20th....Salcey Forest meet up
Aug 28th...West Lodge Rural Centre for Daisy Chains 14th Birthday Party
Sept 14th … JumboGB (NB No Sunday Session this month)
Oct 12th … Let’s get ready for Halloween Activity and Soft Play
Nov 9th … Sunday Soft Play and Sensory Session @ The Boughton Centre 1-4pm
Dec 14th … Christmas Party @ The Boughton Centre 1-5pm
Dec … Panto Date tbc
We hopefully also add a Private Hire Swim later in the year.
****PLEASE NOTE**** Whilst attending Daisy Chain Activities please remember it is down to individual parents to take responsibility for their own children. For all sessions at The Boughton Centre we will make sure the Garden is secure at both ends. A art and craft table will be provided at all sessions which will either be manned by NAYC or left for parental supervision. The Pool Room will be open to any child that is Secondary School age or above only. Snacks and refreshments are available at all sessions, each month we will set it up but ask if any parent able to help that would be great. Please remember NO HOT DRINKS in the main hall.

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